Over the years we have had the pleasure of making a difference in so many lives. Here are a few of the kind words we’ve received…

Daniel P.

“My orthopedic Surgeon recommended I choose Complete Rehab for post op rehab after shoulder surgery. The flexibility they demonstrated in consistently working around my schedule was above and beyond the call. The environment of the clinic was so welcoming and it was obvious their top priority was improving my physical well-being. The facility was very attractive and clean with great equipment. I am certain my recovery would not have been as seamless without the exceptional care I received at Complete Rehab. I am currently enrolled in their aftercare exercise program as well.”

Jenny R.

“Pregnant with my first child, I developed sciatica in my second trimester of pregnancy. I cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for the entire staff at Complete Rehab. They all treated me with such compassion and care. My therapist was very knowledgeable about my condition. I was able to get through my last few months of pregnancy without the pain and impairment of sciatica.”

Alex M .

“Excellent staff! I was always greeted by name when I walked in. Everyone was friendly and professional. I was treated by a professional who really listened to me and all of my concerns. I was treated as an equal which I really appreciated.”

Irene C.

“I love the privacy and one on one attention I received in the Hydro-track. I have had crowded pool therapy before and felt very self-conscious about exercising in a group setting. With the Hydrotrack, I had all the benefits of aquatic therapy, but the private environment allowed me to focus on my rehab without feeling ill at ease about how I look in my swimsuit.”

Susan M. – RNCM.

“As a nurse case manager in the Workers Compensation field, my objective is to make sure my patients get the outcomes they deserve and return to work as soon as possible. I can always trust Complete Rehab to deliver the services needed and keep me well informed on my patient’s progress throughout their rehab process.”

Ralph V.

“Shoulder surgery in January, back on the golf course by the first spring thaw. Golf swing…….better than ever. Even got tips to improve my game! Thank You Complete Rehab!”

John P.

Therapy at Complete Rehab helped me a lot. I improved greatly in a very short period of time. I’m much better now than I was when I first walked in. The therapist was very nice and helped me work out a home program to suit my needs.

Elizabeth F.

After my breast surgery I developed lymphedema in my left arm. My oncologist prescribed lymphedema therapy. I had heard from others about the long waiting lists at the various hospital centers and the difficulty they had finding therapists who were actually certified in this type of therapy. I was so relieved when I found Complete Rehab and they were able to get me in right away as well as having an experienced and certified lymphedema specialist on staff. The treatment and information I received was invaluable.

Sophia J.

I was treated very well by all. I would like to thank everyone at Complete Rehab for getting me back on my feet and especially for giving me back my independence.

Margaret S.

The treatment I received for my knees has allowed me to walk for longer distances with little or no pain. And the staff was very nice and helpful. I will miss coming to therapy very much. Their smiling faces were therapeutic to me as well!

James W.

I appreciate the service and kindness that I received. I will recommend Complete Rehab to anyone I know who needs therapy in the future.

Dr. Martin L.

Professional, positive, and very competent staff. Always a pleasure to work with. I refer many of my own patients to Complete Rehab for therapy, the outcomes have been more than positive. When I myself needed PT after my knee surgery, I immediately knew where I needed to go!

Annabelle K.

My therapist has taught me how to better take care of my lower body through proper exercise and demonstrations on how to carefully move around. I had experienced some pretty scary falls before my Doctor told me to come to therapy. I appreciate the friendly and courteous atmosphere and wish you all the very best.

Joseph D.

I wish there was a “Magic Pill” to get rid of pain but this was definitely the next best thing. As an arthritis sufferer, I appreciated the knowledge my therapist shared with me about my disease.

Jordan H.

I have been to three different Physical therapy clinics and never felt relief until I came here. Wish I would have called you first! Thanks for everything!

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