Work Hardening / Conditioning

Go Back to Work Sooner with Work Hardening and Conditioning

Have you been out of work temporarily due to an illness or injury? Work hardening and conditioning therapy will help rebuild strength and stamina to help you deal with the physical demands of your job.

What is Work Hardening and Conditioning Therapy?

Work hardening and conditioning therapy is a form of physical therapy that is specially designed to help employees regain body strength and coordination, that directly helps them return to their work environment ready and able.

How Can Work Hardening and Conditioning Therapy Help Me?

In order to create a unique work hardening and conditioning program, our trained physical therapists will analyze your current situation and the physical demands of your career. Then a specific exercise program is structured to best fit your job duties and focus on physical; and neuromuscular conditioning.

This method of physical therapy also helps with basic injury prevention, overall wellness and educating each patient on their body mechanics and how to get the most of out each exercise.

Our programs not only help you return to work, but it also helps you be proactive in preventing future injury or disability.

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