Tempromandibular Joint Dysfunction

Enjoy the Little Things More with TMJ Therapy

Many things can affect your daily life, but few are as subtle and uncomfortable as the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder. This condition can limit your ability to function normally from day to day and should be addressed with TMJ therapy.

What is TMJ Therapy?

The temporomandibular joint is a delicate hinge joint found between your jaw and the rest of your skull and is used in chewing, swallowing and talking, This joint can become displaced, stressed or inflamed and results in the diagnosis of temporomandibular joint dysfunction or disorder (TMJD).

At Complete Rehab, our TMJ therapy program is designed to treat and ease painful symptoms of TMJD, such as:

  • Jaw pain
  • Popping or clicking of the jaw.
  • Difficulty opening the mouth fully without pain or locking.

How Can TMJ Therapy Help Me?

Because TMJ can severely affect your overall daily functions and quality of life, it is important to begin therapy immediately. Our physical therapists work directly with each individual patient to determine their needs and goals before prescribing a treatment program.

The trained physical therapists at Complete Rehab regularly treat these symptoms with a variety of pain relieving tactics and treatments, including:

  • Ultrasounds & phonophoresis.
  • Electrical stimulation.
  • Iontophoresis.
  • Manual therapy to increase jaw motion.

Undergoing a specifically designed TMJ therapy session will help you reduce pain and discomfort while talking, eating, swallowing and enjoying life.

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