Structural Gait Analysis

Get Ahead of Your Limitations With A Structural Gait Analysis

Always make sure that you know what the odds are and how you can improve them by receiving a structural gait analysis.

What is a Structural Gait Analysis?

A structural gait analysis is a simple series of tests to determine your individual stability, foot alignment and walking patterns. This helps to discover whether you’re at risk for foot and ankle injuries due to an improper gait.

Although walking is a simple task that your body just knows how to do, sometimes it is not performed properly due to weaknesses or limitations that you may not be aware of.

An improper gait can cause many different injuries, including:

  • Foot injuries.
  • Ankle injuries.
  • Back pain.
  • Increased fall risk.

How Can Receiving a Structural Gait Analysis Help Me?

Having a structural gait analysis performed can help you address any fears that you may have of fall risks or injury, and learn to prevent them.

Our skilled physical therapists will assess your body mechanics and determine where any instability or weaknesses lie. Once your analysis is completed, a customized treatment plan is put in place to help promote proper posture, walking patterns and foot alignment. In some cases, your therapist may prescribe a walking assistance device such as a cane.

Our goal is to help you learn to function properly and safely to reduce risk of injury and to continue to live the life you love without distractions. Call us today for your structural gait analysis and personalized treatment options.

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