STAY FIT Program

Go Further with the STAY FIT Program

The Complete Rehab STAY FIT program is your opportunity to maintain healthy physical activity on your own schedule.

What is the Complete Rehab STAY FIT Program?

The STAY FIT program is a custom physical therapy program by Complete Rehab that allows a discharged patient to use our facilities and equipment to continue their own therapy after completing their prescribed sessions.

How Can the Complete Rehab STAY FIT Program Help Me?

At Complete Rehab, our goal is to be your complete physical therapy resource and aim to get you back on track in less time. That’s why we implemented our new STAY FIT program, which will allow you to continue your training and therapy on your own time.

Once you have completed your prescribed physical therapy program or sessions, you may continue to use our facilities, equipment and our clinical staff as resources. This new program offers you the opportunity to ask questions, test new exercises and work according to your own schedule.

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