Pre & Post Op Rehab – Hip, Knee & Shoulder

Get Back on Track with Our Pre and Post-Operative Rehab Options

Whether you’re gearing up for corrective surgery or are recovering from orthopedic surgery, our broad spectrum pre and post-op rehab options are sure to help you get back to doing what you love most.

What is Pre and Post-Operative Rehab?

Although surgery is often necessary to repair damage, it does require a little extra care before and after surgery. Our professionally trained physical therapists in Macomb county offer a wide range of pre-op rehab to get your body ready for surgery, and post-op rehab to help you return to normal after surgery.

Pre-Operative Physical Therapy Rehab Can Help With:

  • Improve Strength and Flexibility.
  • Familiarity with Assistive Devices, such as canes and walkers.
  • Prepare mentally and physically for post-operative care.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy Rehab Can Help With:

  • Managing pain and swelling.
  • Regaining normal mobility.
  • Rebuilding strength.
  • Facilitating a safe return to normal activities.

How Can Pre or Post-Operative Rehab Therapy Help Me Recover?

Physical therapy is not only a standard component of recovery, it is absolutely crucial to regaining normal range of motion and mobility in orthopedic surgeries on the hip, knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle, foot and spine.

Orthopedic surgery often requires a steady regimen of gentle physical movements to increase blood flow and build strength in repaired areas. At Complete Rehab, we offer a full compliment of pre and post-op physical therapy rehab options that fit your lifestyle and your needs.

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