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As the center of all basic human activity, your neck and spine are crucial components of living a healthy, functional life. However, your spine is very complex and consists of delicate muscles that can become damaged or weakened by daily life and injury.

Without proper attention, over time there is a natural weakening and/or damage to these paraspinal muscles can cause arthritis, surgical complications or a reduction in the healing process of minor injuries. The non-invasive physical therapy techniques at Complete Rehab help target and strengthen these paraspinal muscles to help reduce inflammation, damage to joints and increases healing.

Whether you’re suffering from a sore neck or a catastrophic spinal injury, the neck and back physical therapy program at Complete Rehab in Detroit can help you get back to normal.

What Makes Neck and Back Therapy at Complete Rehab Unique?

At Complete Rehab, we concentrate on 100% of the spine, including attention to the para spinal muscles, rotation exercises, side flexor and flexor of the spine exercises as well as the traditional back and neck extension exercises.

Because our neck and back program focuses on the whole rather than parts of the problem, we are able to offer the following benefits:

Isolation - This means that our therapy program allows or isolation of delicate muscles that don’t normally receive attention in traditional techniques.

Stabilization - True stabilization of other areas of the body that tend to move with the spine allows for a better range of motion in the affected areas and strengthens the delicate paraspinal muscles that make up your spine.

Decompression - Through concurrent decompression, our program is able to perform targeted strengthening exercises to help avoid surgical or healing complications, such as impingement of nerves, irritation of facet joints, and the degeneration or bulging of discs.

Is the Complete Neck & Back Program Right for Me?

From poor posture to catastrophic injuries, chronic neck and back pain affects the majority of us at some point in our lives. In fact, chronic neck and back pain is more common than you think.

In fact, Neck & Back pain ranks as the number two reason for doctor visits nationwide, second only to the common cold!

Many people often think that chronic neck and back pain is simply a part of life that they must learn to live with. Although some situations are more complicated than others, the non-invasive neck and back therapy techniques used in our facilities have helped people recover and live life normally. Regardless of your current situation, our personalized and detailed physical therapy techniques are a great option for you.

Our neck and back therapy program is ideal for people in the Detroit area who are suffering from:

  • Pain caused by whiplash or other related damage.
  • Osteoarthritis.
  • Idiopathic scoliosis.
  • Muscle tension headaches.
  • Cervical disc compression.
  • Sports-related injuries involving the neck, back or spine.
  • Poor posture or dysfunction.
  • Episodes of neck or back pain that lasts longer than four weeks.
  • Flare-ups of existing chronic neck or back conditions.
  • Chronic neck or back pain that reduces basic functionality for four weeks or more.
  • Pre-Op Spinal Fusion, as cleared by your surgeon.
  • Post-Op spinal surgery, as cleared by your doctor for active rehabilitation.

At Complete Rehab in Metro Detroit, our revolutionary therapeutic approach includes cutting-edge technology and trained hands-on techniques to help you gain the mobility and functionality that you deserve.

Long-Term Treatment of Neck and Back Pain

At Complete Rehab in Metro Detroit, we believe in treating the source of your chronic neck and back pain problems with revolutionary physical therapy methods and a patient-centric approach.

Our trained physical therapists work to treat the underlying source of your pain with long-term results, rather than temporarily relieving the symptoms.

In typical physical therapy exercises, the hips and shoulders are often engaged in a movement designed to strengthen the neck or spine. However, at Complete Rehab our specialized equipment isolates your neck and spine in order to properly strengthen and condition the muscles and joints that lie at the root of your pain.

Because our treatments target specific muscles, the long-term results are much more obvious. This method of neck and back therapy can help with:

  • Relieving arthritis pain and inflammation.
  • Hydrates intervertebral discs, resulting in less pinched nerves and reducing weakness.
  • Reduce surgical complications.
  • Improve recovery after surgery.
  • Reduces frequency of workplace injuries.
  • Proactively treat developing disabilities.

Technologically Advanced Data for Real Results

Our highly specialized equipment monitors precise movements and isolates specific neck and back muscles to target the source, not the symptom. Each neck & back evaluation results in detailed computerized data that helps us determine a baseline for your treatment.

Because the data provided by our equipment is so detailed, we are able to pinpoint and assess the rotation and flexion capabilities of your neck and spine, without other parts of your body interfering.

Based on your testing and treatment progress, our trained physical therapists can recommend additional exercises to help you keep your muscles and joints in top shape. This is your best opportunity to strengthen your neck and spine to decrease the chances of pain and injury.

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