Manual Therapy

Get Hands on With Manual Physical Therapy

Sometimes a physical limitation is just too delicate to be treated with a machine and your therapist must apply the right amount of pressure with well-trained hands through manual physical therapy.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual physical therapy is a method of therapy that involves gentle manipulation of your muscles and joints with the hands, instead of a machine. Manual therapy is very precise and delicate and offers gentle relief that can be performed in any environment.

How Can Manual Therapy Help Me?

Manual physical therapy is designed to address soft tissue or joint restrictions that cause pain, movement limitations or functional limitations in your daily life. Because it is completely hands-on, your therapist can help you work through a variety of different conditions that affect your movement.

Some of the manual therapy techniques used include:

● Soft tissue mobilization

● Functional massage

● Myofascial release

● Trigger point release

● Muscle energy techniques

● Passive range of motion

● Active assisted range of motion.

● Joint mobilization.

● Assisted muscle stretching.

Through the precise application of force and pressure on specific joints and muscles, your physical therapist is able to relieve pain, increase range of motion and increase daily functions.

At Complete Rehab, our trained physical therapists work directly with you to develop a unique manual therapy treatment plan and routine to fit your needs, goals, and schedule.

Ask about your manual therapy options today!

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