Graston Technique®

Find Relief with the Graston Technique Physical Therapy

The Graston Technique method of therapy offers relief from soft tissue and muscle conditions such as scar tissue.

What is Graston Technique Therapy?

Graston Technique therapy is a unique method of physical therapy that involves specifically shaped tools to gently rub muscles and tendons to encourage healing and pain relief. This technique is used to both diagnose and treat certain disorders found in the skeletal muscles and connective tissues.

How Can the Graston Technique Therapy Help Me?

The Graston Technique of physical therapy is often used to reduce scar tissue and inflammation caused by contact sports related injuries or surgeries. Scar tissue limits your basic range of motion and can eventually cause pain.

At Complete Rehab, our trained and licensed Graston Technique therapists combine the unique technique with basic warm-ups and stretching to loosen up the muscles and reduce movement restrictions. With the use of six very particular stainless steel tools, the Graston Technique has helped many people reduce pain and inflammation in affected areas, and speeds up the healing process.

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