Functional Movement Screenings

Know Where You Stand Through Functional Movement Screenings

Just a few simple steps will help determine whether you should return to the work or sport that you love, or if additional gentle therapy is needed for your recovery through a functional movement screening.

What Are Functional Movement Screenings?

A functional movement screen (FMS) is a basic screening process made up of seven unique movement tests to measure your mobility and stability. This helps your physical therapist identify any physical or functional limitations that you may be experiencing and determine how to treat them.

How Can Having a Functional Movement Screen Help Me?

Because functional movement screens are designed to reveal any inconsistencies in your physical movement and balance, it can help reveal problems that have gone unrecognized or undiagnosed.

By performing this simple screening, our therapists can identify weaknesses, imbalances and asymmetries that cause a number of different conditions. The results can then be used to prescribe corrective exercises and treatment programs to help improve stability or decrease any limitations that may have been found during the screening.

The knowledge offered by a functional movement screening can help improve athletic performance, encourage safer exercise and workplace duty completions and reduce the chance of injury.

We are able to evaluate individual athletes or entire teams, evaluating returning employees, and assist other medical professionals in evaluating the stability of those returning to or beginning an exercise regimen.

Call us today to schedule your own functional movement screening and take the first step towards complete stability.

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