Fall Risk Management

Stand Strong and Tall with the Fall Risk Management & Prevention Program

Determine your risks and how to improve them through the Fall Risk Management and Prevention Program at Complete Rehab.

What is the Fall Risk Management & Prevention Program?

Our Fall Risk Management & Prevention program is a unique program designed to prevent fall related injuries through proper assessment and education. Injuries received during a fall or stumble can often be worse than they appear and affect your mobility and quality of life. Our goal is fall prevention.

How Can the Fall Risk Management & Prevention Program Help Me?

At Complete Rehab, our highly trained and qualified physical therapists have a strong working knowledge of all human musculoskeletal, neuromuscular and vestibular dysfunctions that can cause falls. Through evidence-based, multifaceted intervention approaches, we are able to help people suffering from many different limitations.

Our program incorporates a wide variety of different fall risk prevention and management methods, including:

● Motor relearning programs.

● Skilled instructions and education to use the appropriate assistive devices.

● Prescription of proper footwear.

● Safe home environmental assessment.

● Progressive multi-planar weight shifting through Computerized and interactive balance machine.

● Isolated selective muscle strengthening.

● Neuromuscular techniques and movement facilitation techniques.

● Patient and family education.

● Vestibular rehab.

● Osteopathic based manual physical therapy for joint dysfunctions causing any falls.

● Pathological –Gait corrections.

● Skilled functional mobility re-education.

Regardless of your current level of physical activity or situation, our Fall Risk Management & Prevention program is a great beginning to regaining control of your life. Give us a call today to find out more about our Fall Risk Management & Prevention program.

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