Cancer Care Rehabilitation Services

The Future is Bright with Cancer Care Therapy

Cancer and cancer-related diagnoses are stressful, but the addition of cancer care physical therapy to your oncology treatment is a beneficial choice.

What is Cancer Care Therapy?

At Complete Rehab, our cancer care therapy program incorporates gentle physical therapy into your daily routine to help assist you before, during and after your normal cancer treatment process.

How Can Cancer Care Therapy Help Me?

Cancer care therapy is designed to help improve your overall functions during the course of your cancer treatment process and helps establish healthy habits.

Our individualized physical therapy program can help with:

  • Improving overall physical wellness.
  • Increase and maintain endurance and strength.
  • Decrease muscle and joint pain caused by treatment.
  • Ease joint stiffness.
  • Ease overall weakness and fatigue caused by treatment.
  • Improve balance and decrease balance limitations.
  • Scar tissue management.
  • Lymphedema management.
  • Whether you’re just beginning cancer treatment with your doctor or are looking for a way to overcome physical limitations caused by medications and treatment, cancer care physical therapy is your best choice to develop healthy habits and get back to the life you love.

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