Balance Training

Achieve Harmony in Your Life with Balance Training

Learn how to maintain your body’s natural balance and rhythm through comprehensive balance training at Complete Rehab in Warren, Michigan.

What Exactly is Balance Training?

Balance training is a versatile physical therapy specialty that works to help restore the natural balance of your body and keep your equilibrium in check. Because balance training techniques are so diverse, they can be used to treat various conditions from geriatrics to athletic injuries.

How Can Balance Training Help Me?

Depending on your current situation and pre-existing condition, balance training can help in a number of different ways.

Comprehensive balance training plans and treatments can be used to:

  • Restore and increase proprioception.
  • Eliminate muscle fatigue.
  • Co-Activation and eccentric activity of the muscles.
  • Restore dynamic stability.
  • Restore functional motor patterns.
  • Restoration of joint kinematics and reactive balance.
  • Restore postural equilibrium.
  • Re-educate the vestibular system.

Your physical therapist will determine what combination of exercises and treatment will best suit your needs and goals, and will work with you to implement them. Your specific plan may include:

  • Plyometrics.
  • Closed chain exercises.
  • Axial loading drills.
  • Muscle endurance training.
  • Movement awareness drill.
  • Rhythmic stabilization.

At Complete Rehab, our trained physical therapists use techniques and our revolutionary Tetrax Balance System, which are designed to enhance reaction, coordination and the transfer of kinetic energy.

Whether you’ve suffered an injury or are simply looking to improve your physical activity, balance training is a great choice.

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