Low Back Pain & The Mckenzie Method

by cshafer, August 9, 2016

Hello and welcome back to another post about low back pain!

I recently attended a weekend long course for something called “The Mckenzie Method.” This method is a well established treatment for different types of spinal and extremity pain. And do you know what was the greatest part of this course? (Besides the great snacks)

-The instructors use live patients!

With any type of continuing education for physical therapy, the instructors typically lay out a TON of information for the students and educate you why you should use a certain approach for treating patients. Many of these treatment approaches sound great on paper, but do they actually work?….. This is why I really enjoy and value the Mckenzie approach because the proof is in the patient results.

–Now let us look at a patient example of how continuing education plays a role in physical therapy, and specifically in outpatient physical therapy.

“Bob is a 32 y/o dentist that was referred to my clinic for severe low back pain located on both sides of his spine. He also reports that he has severe pain down the back of the leg and into the foot which started about 3 weeks ago. On Bob’s first day of treatment he was not expecting much besides a hot pack and a nice fuzzy ultrasound.

After Bob was evaluated and treated by a physical therapist he had minimal pain in his leg, and his low back pain was only 4/10 compared to 8/10 when he first walked in! Bob was educated on the role of posture on back pain and was advised to perform 10 reps of a prescribed exercise every hour until his follow up visit.”

This is why the MDT (Mckenzie) approach is so valuable. Patients get better, and when they do about 80% of patients find significant relief in 2-3 weeks.

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-Dr. Shafer,DPT,CSCS


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